Why is cold email better than cold call

In this article, I am not trying to say cold calling is dead as there are many people out there who still do cold calling and get results.

I only want to highlight points which make cold emailing better than cold calling. I believe good sales people use a combination of cold emails and calls to increase response rate and set up more meetings.

Cold email is a process to reach new prospective customers to grab attention and create interest in them.

It is very similar to cold calling in terms of objective but an email is sent instead of a call.

Following are its advantages over cold calling:

  1. It is a way to make call warm: Replies that you get on cold email are from people who showed interest. The calls that you make after cold email are warm calls as opposed to cold calls.
  2. It’s scalable: You can easily reach 10–100 contacts per day using email channel and you can do it every day. You cannot increase the number of cold calls per day after a certain limit.
  3. Faster Reach: If you have to reach 1000 prospects, cold email can do it faster than the cold call.
  4. Independent of geography: You can cold email anyone independent of geography and get a reply while doing same using cold calls is not easy.
  5. Cost effective: It’s much cheaper than cold calls and less time-consuming.
  6. Less resource intensive: It’s less time consuming and requires less number of people to do cold email when compared to cold call
  7. It can be automated: You can automate cold email by sending bulk emails to a group of 50–100 people per campaign.
    You can set drip campaigns.
    You can automate follow-up over emails.


I would again like to add that this article is not about “cold calling is dead”. It is always better to use cold emailing in combination with cold calls to make most of the prospects.

Happy Selling!!

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1 Comment

  • Neil Mahoney
    August 9, 2017 at 12:45 am

    Simple. In-person cold calls are intrusive — intruding on a prospect’s time. Emails can be readily erased.


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