Why is ability to write good cold emails important in today’s Sales

Sales has changed a lot in last 10 years. There was a time when door to door sales required face to face communication skills with strangers and later phone calls made easy to reach new customer.

Number of ways to reach decision makers in a business has increased with internet usage.

As of 2017, there are around 3 Billion users with email account/s. Which means almost half of earth’s population uses email.

These numbers just tell you how important email has become as a communication channel and businesses have to be present where consumers are present.

Businesses realize this and number of businesses adopting cold email strategy is growing.

In today’ fast moving world, businesses are looking out for more scalable ways to reach clients. Just hiring more resources isn’t always the solution especially in B2B sales.

Looking at how important email communication has become in today’s world, it would be right to say that sales people need to adopt it and master it to be able to reach clients faster than others.

Relying only on phone call to reach decision makers might take a lot of time especially when you have to get through gatekeepers and even when you do, you talk to decision maker only to hear “Send me an email”.

The clear objective of a good cold email getting time to speak on phone and avoid unsolicited phone calls. Many people just don’t set their expectations right with cold email and try to compare a cold email with a cold call which is not the right way to think about cold email.

Think of cold emails as a stepping stone to get time from the lead for a phone call. A step before cold call to make it warm and not come across as those telemarketing insurance selling or postpaid packages selling sales people whom people hate.

I personally find cold email a useful addition to my sales process especially when we are reaching out to global clients for our sales email productivity & automation tool.

Some of the irreplaceable uses of including cold email step in sales process are:

  1. You can avoid unsolicited calls that make you and prospect uncomfortable about it.
  2. You can reach global audience much easier than just making cold calls which can be costly and time consuming.
  3. It is scalable, I can reach atleast 1000 prospects in a month using cold email and it will take a few months to reach those many prospects just with cold calls.
  4. It is a new channel to reach prospects along with cold call which increases response rates & you might just get more meetings.

That been said, we need to also understand that this is not a battle between cold call & cold email. Here are some of the limitations of a cold email:

  1. If your prospects don’t read much email and most of communication happens over phone with them then cold email might not be very useful for you.
  2. If you are reaching clients for very big deal size then only cold emails might not work for you and even just phone might not work in such situations, you will need references or face to face meetings by attending relevant conferences.

Cold emailing is an extra channel to reach new customers and using this channel effectively could be crucial to reach prospect before competition does.

Sales is all about creating a process to get repeatable revenues and adding cold email process will just add more leads to your pipeline.

If you are a sales person then learn cold email skills and how do you actually write an email to get a response from your prospect, it is very crucial in today’s world and you will be behind your competition reach prospects if you only rely on cold call.

If you are a sales manager then make sure you include cold email training in your training process. Your sales people need to know how to write good cold emails to generate interest in the prospect about your business. You have to make it part of the process and think about how to include it in your process.

I hope you can have an open mind and try to incorporate cold emails in your process. Do share your thoughts and your experience with cold emails.

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