What can cold Emailers learn from journalists?

Over the past few years, we have seen many sales people adopting cold email as a strategy to generate interest of prospects. A lot of people argue that it is better than cold calls since you are not disturbing the prospect from his/her daily work and they can view/respond your email when they are free.
I don’t want to discuss here whether a cold email is better than a cold call or not. I would like to dig a little deeper on how cold emails can be made more effective.
After sending many cold email campaigns & helping many businesses setup cold email process, I observed that people fail to be good at something very basic in cold emails and something that can make a lot of difference.
Many people don’t focus enough on subject lines of their cold emails. They don’t put enough time and attention that a subject line deserves.
Why does subject line require an ongoing attention from you?

  • It is the most important thing that prospect will read and decide to open the email
  • It creates the important base for a prospect to continue reading and reply to you.
  • Without good subject line, the prospect may never come in your sales pipeline

Above are the reasons why I say people who do cold emails should learn from Journalists. Journalists are very good at creating headlines.  Some of the reasons why headlines are very similar to subject lines are following:

  • Just like good subject line, a good headline grabs attention and it is still relevant to the content that comes next.
  • Just like a subject line, good headlines are not misleading but creatively written to grab interest.
  • Good headlines create the necessary title to the story that follows. This is similar to subject line which sets the flow of the email body that comes next

So all the people out there who want to get good at cold emails, think like a journalist when you write a subject line. Your subject line should grab attention and should still be relevant to the context of your email.

Try different subject lines and use analytics to see which subject line is the best performing.

Do share your thoughts on cold email subject lines and your experience with it.

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