Invigorating Consultative Sales

In today’s digital world, businesses are fully aware of the dynamic changes around them. Hence, sales pitches of yester years are not needed, sale pitches are and let me rephrase, to be improvised in accordance with the digital era. In today’s world, it’s a more meticulous approach for the sales team as both the parties have easy access to any data over the internet. So we change our approach to sell, as selling and buying are still at the core, to consultative sales.

What are consultative sales?

Consultative sales is pitching with syncing and complementing. Let me explain that to you with an analogy. All of us here have listened to music at one point or another. In a musical piece all the instruments are either in sync or complementing each other leading to a conversation, with a story around it, leading to a conclusive end or to endless streak. Well in the same way consultative sales is pitching your idea with a proper knowledge and research on what you have to offer and how would that be helpful for the other party. No one these days wants to waste their or be irritated to just listen to you, or you might just be lucky. Well, you won’t wait now to get lucky once every 50 pitches when you can ‘get’ lucky with a little research and conversation.

How do consultative sales boost your business sales?

While the consultative sales is true for any business these days, how would know the means to carry it ahead. Well as I mentioned earlier the approach is just changed. The intricacies which are changed in the modern sales game are as as follows:

  • Save time and Research

It gets very daunting as your day proceed to work the old way in this new era. Do not keep cold calling each and every person like a blind man. Go to the web, research on the business before the first point of contact.

  • Prefer cold emails over cold calls

Well, this is majorly due to the available technology at hand. By that I mean that you can totally customise your mails and also keep track of the rest of your sales team’ productivity. Customise your cold emails for different genres of industry, for different point of contacts. You can always add a few points and take off a few if needed based on your research.

  • Know when your emails were opened

There are tools today which you can integrate with your mails or your service providers to know when your email was opened. Now this is to not haunt and irritate your probable customers even if they need your service. Let the opener do it’s work and let the fizz off.

  • Internal Analysis

Well now that you have put forward and instilled the ideas of consultative research in your sales team. How can you be sure it’s being carried out the right way? After all, we are talking about boosting your sales in the end. Well again, use the technology at hand and take down each sales person into the analysis individually and map their growth rate and success rate.

  • ‘Converse’ than ‘Pitch’

Well, when the starters are done with, main course is served. Same way when all the initial research and set up is done and it’s time to clinch the deal, you converse. Why is this a point so important? It is, just so you know much better what the needs are and how would you fit into it rather than the cliched you tell him what you provide and he tells you what he needs (considering he doesn’t hang up way earlier). The later part is pitching, which is old and the former part is conversing which is hip.

These were some of the numerous tips which are the involved in smooth functioning of today’s sales engine. Be on the lookout for more from us later.

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And don’t forget to research!


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