How to write a B2B Sales email that actually gets a response

B2B sales email is one of the best ways to reach out to prospective clients. However, writing a cold email can be a tricky task and more than that getting a response to a cold email is an even more difficult task. As more and more numbers of cold emails land up in the inbox of individuals, there are more chances of the mail being ignored. 

It is important to write a cold mail that is catchy enough to grab the attention of the people at first glance and the content of the mail must also be good enough to match up to the expectations of the prospective clients. So here are certain tips to write a cold email WHICH will actually get a response. 

Subject line 

Subject line is the way to grab the attention of the prospective clients in the first go. A short, crisp and catchy subject line will tempt clients to open the mail. Try restricting the subject line to a maximum of nine words and avoid filler content. It is important to make sure that the subject line is not only catchy but is also relevant to the prospective clients. A perfect subject goes a long way in ensuring that your client opens the mail. 


It is no secret that people love personalised stuff, be it a personalised gift or an email. A generic email which is not addressed to any individual or company, in particular, is sure to get lost in the inbox. However, if it is specifically addressed to your client, it will definitely heighten their interest. Personalisation also means the mail is written like a human and not a machine. Try to keep the tone conversational and humorous and not dry and distant. 

Keep it short and avoid attachments 

No one has time in today’s world to read a mail containing 3-4 pages and it even more true for a cold email. So make sure to restrict it to a couple of paragraphs. Make it straightforward and go straight to the point. Long paragraphs which include elaborate details about the history of the company, its objectives, goals etc, will dampen your chances of getting a response. And try to avoid attachments, people usually misunderstand them for scams and avoid opening them. 


It is important to know your client before you send a cold email. Make sure whatever product or service you’re trying to sell to the prospective client must be relevant to him/her. Every company tries to highlight the benefits of the product or service that they are trying to sell but in order to appeal to the customer, it is important to state why the product or service will be specifically beneficial to them.  Further, it must not be forgotten that the primary objective of sending out a cold email is to get a response. Hence throughout the mail an attempt must be made to get a response from the prospective client without being repetitive or nagging. 

Make it more about the client than about your company 

It is easy to get carried away in the process of giving a short introduction about the company and in turn making the email more about the why the company is so great instead of telling how the product or service will be beneficial to the client. The tone of the mail should be confident as well as persuasive. The motive of the mail is to get a response from the client and it can be done by making the mail more about the client than about your company.  

A lot of factors go into deciding whether a B2B sales email will actually get a response or not. Many of those factors are in fact beyond the control of the company, for example- the time at which the client chooses to see the email. So, these steps do not definitely guarantee that the mail will get a response. However, what can be said that these steps will definitely go a long way in helping the mail get noticed and getting an affirmative response from the prospective clients in the process.  

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