Here’s why cold calling isn’t dead

These days it has become fashionable to say cold calling is dead when we all know that there are so many salespeople still doing it and getting decent results as well. I think what people actually mean when they say cold calling is dead is that the way cold calling is done has changed.

We evolve with time and so does our ways of reaching out to customers. Cold calling today is no more disturbing and abrupt kind where you make calls all day hoping to speak with potential customers for a minute and create interest. Primitive ways of cold calling process were definitely tiresome and no-one, I mean no one, likes to do cold calling like that.

Strangely in technology adoption cycle, people adopted telephones before emails and hence the reason why cold calling came before cold emailing. Now that cold emailing is here, the entire game of reaching out to leads has changed. Accept it that leads don’t like to get disturbed with abrupt unexpected cold calls & sales people themselves find it little embarrassing to call someone like that. You have to guess a good time when the lead could be free to talk and we debate over the best time to call during the day.

People have started relying on cold emailing to make that first introduction with the lead where lead can give them time as a response. This small change in the process actually works well for both leads & salespeople since it is a more subtle way than phone call while reaching out to leads and leads can read or respond to your email wth their choice of time & place to talk.

That said, immediate next step after cold email is a cold call but along with a cold email, it becomes permission based rather than disturbing kind. This step of cold calling is very different from usual cold calling since the lead has actually asked for your call & will take out time to hear you out, this is a real game changer for sales people as you don’t come across as typical sales person calling at unexpected times.

Let’s say you actually make a cold call before cold email. Here is what will happen, the lead will hear you out maybe for a minute or two and ask you to send an email. You are back to cold emailing and also lost the chance to sound less salesy in the first call.

Also, the problem with making a cold call first is that it isn’t scalable. You will be able to reach a limited number of leads through only cold calling when you compare it with cold emailing a lead first followed by cold call based on response. In this fast moving world, reaching out to leads faster than competitors is very crucial.

All these examples mean that the way cold calling was done before has changed. Today, salespeople have got a little smarter to seek permission before actually making a call to the lead. This change is mostly because people hate getting cold calls and advent of email as an important communication channel.

Do share your thoughts in terms of what works for your business to reach out to leads.

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