Best practices for email followup during Sales Drip Campaign

Just like one single cold call is often not enough to get someone talking to you, one single cold email is not enough to get a reply. You need to proper followup structure and plan to be able to get a response.

It takes a good amount of time and planning to setup a working email followup structure. You might not get it completely right in the first effort itself and just like any other process, you will have to spend some time in optimizing the process to make most of it.

You might have many questions regarding email followups. Some of the questions we often get are when to send these followups, how many followups to be sent, what should I write in these followups?

We have answer some of the questions in this article and some you have to figure out what works for your business.

Below are the most common questions while doing structuring followups in drip campaigns along with answers.

  • When to do followup? – Do the first followup after 24 hours, Lifeline of an email is usually 24 hrs. It basically means that your email will be forgotten in a day and if it isn’t read then after 24 hrs there are high chances that it may never be read. Sending an email just after 24 hours keeps you in the memory of the prospect and it increases you chances to get a reply. There are various ideas on when to do rest of the followup but it is different for different businesses. Some do 2nd followup after 3 days, 3rd after 5 days, 4th after 8 days, 5th after 12 days. Observe increase in number of days between each followup as number of followup increases.
  • How many followup should you do? – Some people say you should never stop followup, this may not be the best strategy. Please understand that your resources are limited and sending unlimited followup will simply irritate prospect and recipient might manually mark you as spam. You don’t want that. You should send 4-8 over a period of 2 to 3 weeks to get best results. If someone is still not willing to reply then simply send the prospect to marketing team who will put their email to nurturing email process where your share education content with them on a regular basis and nurture the lead.
  • What content should you use – Always talk more about prospect problems and business rather than your own business. Remember, cold email is just to generate interest and make them want to know about your business. Enough time will come in next stages of sales process to talk about your product/business. Try different email subject and body in different emails. Different subject line may get the attention of different kind of people and using a variety of subject in followups will allow you to try everything possible. Same is the case with email body, trying different email body will allow you to try various ways to get a reply. Hopefully one among many might help you get a response.
  • Use analytics – Always use analytics to see what is working better than the others. Having the right data can help you optimize the drip campaign and improve. Data will help you find which email subject is getting more open rates, which email body is getting you more responses and which sequence of email is performing better than the others.
  • Call to action – Always include a call to action in your email by asking for a reply or if they can refer to the right person for your email. You can also include a message asking them to reply “STOP” if the person wants you to stop followup emails.
  • Avoid sending followups on holidays
  • Avoid sending followups on Monday – People are usually most busy during Mondays of the week

Always keep your emails short and text based – This is really important. Email services these days are not very friendly towards HTML based email. They discourage HTML emails and often send it to spam. Make sure your email is text based and short, it has to be something people can read on mobile and read it within 30 seconds.

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