Best 8 practices for sending “Cold” Sales Emails

You just decided to start sending some cold emails. You have sent some emails but there is not much response yet.

Just like any other process, your hopes are high to get a good response from this new process but started feeling a little letdown.

Don’t worry, you are in the right direction and cold emails will definitely have a better response rate than cold calls.

Like any process when done right can give you amazing results and when done wrong it might seem like a waste of time.

After sending over 10,000 cold emails, I realized that there are some things that have worked for me and some things that didn’t work.

I would like to share the insights I learned so far and some of the best practices that consistently got me good results.

  1. Keep your emails short – People hate long emails, especially from strangers. Long emails have very high probability to be closed before it is finished reading.
    Keep your emails short and to the point.
  2. Write text-based emails – Email services these days are very suspicious about HTML emails that might send it to spam or other folders and they don’t load images in email unless the user specifically allows images to be loaded.
    It is best option to simply write text emails to users.
  3. Prepare a list of catchy subject lines – A catchy subject line will get you email opens and you need to spend more time in that. Some of the characteristics of a catchy subject line could be:
    Don’t talk about your business.
    Talk about the benefit your prospect will get.
    Talk about the problem you are solving.
    Get creative, anything that catches attention and relevant to your proposition.
  4. The timing of emails – Timing of emails is really important to get more emails opens.
    Typically early morning emails when they start their work get more open rates.
  5. Call to action – Always end your email with a call to action. Best way to add call to action would be a question like “If it interests you, please let me know a good time to you” or “If you are looking to solve the problem mentioned above, please reply or please connect me with the relevant person for the same”
  6. Always Followup – Always send followup emails to your cold emails. Follow-up will get more responses but don’t do more than 2-3 follow-up. Relentless follow-up will simply waste your time and people start disliking you for the same.
    I have shared more insights on follow-up over here Cold email & follow up framework

  7. Personalize – Personalize the email as much as possible. Atleast while greeting use the name of the person instead of “Hello Sir” “Hello CEO” etc. Always use the name of the person and use company name in the mail if you can.
    You can use tools to make life easy for you for personalization.
  8. Use analytics to optimize – You have to use data and analytics to optimize your email campaigns and check which email subjects are most effective. Every type of customer is different, you need to see data and optimize over time to make most of the cold emails.

I Hope all these aspects will help you make most of the cold email campaign, we will keep adding more as we learn more from our campaigns.

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