3 Tips to personalize cold email in sales prospecting

Your customers today receive many emails from businesses wanting to sell their products/services. We are sure; you must be receiving such emails regularly. How many such emails do you actually open and read? We are sure; most of the emails are ignored by you except a few sometimes.

What makes you click on certain emails, read them and ignore the rest. What is it about these emails that you end up clicking and reading?  The topmost factor is what are they proposing and how big is the problem for you that they are planning to solve. When you are proposing to solve something that is big enough problem for you and your business, how can you ensure that they pay attention to what you are proposing?

We have discussed some aspects in brief in our article 7 tips to get a reply for your cold email. Today we will discuss personalization which is one of the most important aspects which actually helps you grasp the attention of your customer like no other aspect.

To understand the importance of this you have to imagine yourself as a customer and understand anything that is personal to you gets your attention. You pay most attention to an email sent by a friend no matter what he/she has sent. You pay most attention to the news of political party that you support or a celebrity that you support. It happens since you find these topics very personal to you.

The trick is how you can make your customer open and read the entire email just by adding a line of content talking about something personal to them like a blog they wrote or award they got or an NGO they run along with their work.

Here are three tips which can help you personalize email of your customers which can result in higher response rates:

  1. Research about prospect: Spend some time doing research about the person you are sending an email. Look at their social profiles like twitter, LinkedIn and facebook. Looks for their blogs and read about it. Look for something worth mentioning to them which they could be proud of like a talk they gave or award they were honored with.
  2. Greet with the name: Make sure you don’t start your email with titles. You have to use their name when you greet them hello at the starting of email. They have to feel like the email was personally written for them.
  3. Spend enough time: We find many sales people not giving importance to email phase of the sales process. They just focus on sending as many emails as possible and as fast as possible. This could lead to low conversion rates. Instead of sending 100 emails in one go, try sending 10 emails 10 times. This might take a bit more time than sending mass email but it will ensure better response rates as required at the top of the sales funnel. You need more leads to be taken through the sales funnel. Your email response rates are low, you have less number of leads to work on which will result in fewer closed deals.

There are a few more important aspects like tools you can use and prioritizing leads but above three are the most basic tips for personalization.

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